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  • Bear Slide. We used to keep our cattle here and my Dad farmed it for years.
  • this would become the Saben mitchel farm. the house on the left was demolished and the present home of my uncle was built further off 141st street
  • . the barns and machinery sheds were used to house horses, hay, straw and farm machinery. the only structure still standing today is the long shed in center of photo
  • My father rented this farm ground. It belonged to the Cutler family in 1971. Before that, it was the Wachstetter farm. I probably don’t have
  • I'm not 100% certain but I believe this is the Francis Beck farm, aka Beck's Hybrids.
  • Huber's had a hog farm here on Spring Mill at the end the house and Big Barn are still there
  • There were four generations of family memories made on this farm. In the early part of the 1900's, this farm was passed on to my Mother's father from
  • in the 1950's and 60's. After my Grandmother's death the farm was sold in 1970 to be used as a landscape nursery.
  • This is my grandparent's farm on 213: Kenny and Mary Dickover. The barn is no longer there, and this is the only picture we have of if! The old smokehouse is the back is also gone, but it is largely the same.
  • This was purchased in 1918 by my great great grandpa. 101 years later my wife and I purchased this farm from my dad. It’s changed a bit!
  • Fern (nee Rinker) Johnson Farm 246th and Florida Road, Hamilton County, IN. House and most old buildings all gone.
  • This is the Miller Homestead Farm. I grew up here from 1978 to 1991.. Love this place!

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