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  • Site of Mcclure gas station
  • Building is still there. No longer a gas station but is a mechanics shop. On Main St, Arcadia.
  • McClure gas station at Highway 31 and 216th St.
  • House is still there and to the north (left on this photo) there is a McDonald's and north of that is a Speedway Gas station.
  • Pickett's Point, one of the last places that had full service pumps. This has been replaced with a modern gas station.
  • The parking lot used to be a building that was torn down in the early 1980's. The gas station is currently a Mobile station. Far lower left corner is the Noblesville City Hall but was originally the Noblesville Library.
  • Booker's John Deere at 47 and 38 all tore down and now a GetGo gas station
  • Booker's John Deere dealership. SR 47/SR 38. It became Reynolds Farm Equipment and then was torn down and a Ricker's gas station built. Masonic Lodge in the background.

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