Oh my, Home Street! I grew up at 80 Home Street, right across from the Marsh Store. My parents owned a 3 acre lot, and in the late 60's, the the western lot was leased to Robo Car Wash. you can see half of the house at 80 Home Street on the upper left side of this photo. Brings back many sweet memories!

Parkmoor Laundromat in top right was a business that my parents owned in these days, then later also housed my Father's shop and storage for Metzger Plumbing. Tarring that flat roof as a kid was a good character building job! Also remember the Parkmoor Carryout just east of Laundromat being run by the Kastner Bros. Cy & Barney wearing white shirts and ties every day. Good memories indeed!

One the corner is H H Niswander.

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