I was surprised to find this here. This where I grew up as a child. I miss this place so much. This is truly the House That Built Me.

As I stated before, This where I grew up as a child. This is truly the House That Built Me. Spent many years growing up here, Mowing, helping dad farm,gardening with mom and dad, shoveling lots and lots of snow, racking apples when the trees where still there, playing, helping raising some small quantities of livestock , ponies ,a couple sheep three pigs , chickens ,numerous cats and several dogs over the years. At the time dad farmed everything on our side of the road , a new pole barn was raised in place of the old one that was 105 yrs old when it came down , I still own remnants of that. most of the trees are gone, along with an sheld where some equipment and livestock were housed. SO SO MANY FOND MEMORIES OF THIS PLACE , JUST LIKE OUR VETS AND SOLDIERS KIA ,NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN.

My brother Mike and I grew up here. Mom and dad bought this farm prior to adopting us in 62. A lot of memories are here. All good, our grandma came to live with us here, and would help our mom can and freeze vegetables grown out of the garden. Dad would work the fields on that whole stretch of road. Our neighbor Harold and Julia Reeves, had three fields and Martha Lee had just one. There was always something to be done, loved it here, haven't been back there since our mom sold it.

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