Union School

Cindy, I recognized this place before I even saw the, many good memories from 4th, 5th, 6th grade😊

Went to school here K - 6 grade

I loved this school. I have so many happy wonderful memories from K - 6! Class of 83.
In 6th grade I was sliding down the wood railing on the stairs to the girls restroom and had my pencil in my back pocket. To this day I still carry the lead in my hip from that ordeal! Lol. Ronnie Flaugh fell down in Mrs Burleys Kindergarten class and cut his head opened. We all were paddled for that except....1 person....Pam Caley. I do believe she was the only one who stayed in her seat when Mrs Burley was called to the Office. Tons of memories πŸ’–

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