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Old grocery at chelsea

Many times we got groceries on credit there. We kids would walk sometimes for miles from Paynesville for a pop, then walk home. An old Log Cabin stood across the road and Jacksons 3 N 1 on the opposite corner.
Dad would get oranges, apples, peanuts and hard candy every Christmas. I couldnt wait for the orange slices he'd bring home. Probably on credit too. Good people.

This was a store for many years at Chelsea. Adams, Ellis, & Snyder that I can remember. Grays also sold heaters before moving to top of Hanover hill.

Wow! As a Gray-kid, this was where I spent my preschool years. Our childhoods were spent at the family business (locations). This was Energy Sense, where my dad (as a public school teacher in Louisville, full-time) offered wood burning, gas log, and kerosene heaters for sale. He was a chimney sweep and chopped firewood, as well. This was his first independent venture, and although I was young, I remember it fondly.

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