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  • Glen Apple farm south of Sandborn on Highway 59
  • Glen Apple farm south of Sandborn on Highway 59
  • Jack Waggoner farm. Ken Koeng hog buildings on near side. Armon Shake farm.
  • Dutch Koenig farm south of Sandborn on Highway 58
  • Vories Farm
  • red, just to name a few. Photos 22 and 23 are just to the right of this one and is where i lived from 1978, when dad built the home, until 1988. Picture 30 is also part of Vories Farms, which is where we lived prior to 1978.
  • This is my family's farm. It looks very different today. The only thing missing is wagons of cantaloupes and watermelons and rows of tomatoes.
  • I worked on that farm,lots of great memorys.
  • This is Gerald Snyder's farm on Snyder Road.
  • Is this Bob Hancock's farm just south of Black Creek?
  • Wayne Hancock farm
  • The buildings are all gone now. Larry and Linda Hancock now own the farm.
  • a plac for a keeping the farm in the family for over 100 years. I believe that we are getting close to the 150 year.
  • This farm belonged to Denver Mengedot
  • Harry and Leona Hancock farm
  • Harry and Leona Hancock farm. Now owned by Larry and Linda Hancock and Sonja Crawford.
  • Horst Farm - Gilbert & Viola Horst Sons - Stephen, Robert & the late Rodney Horst This whole farm was strip mined for coal and there are no longer any buildings still there.

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