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  • I grew up here, most of the trees are gone and the lots have been turned into a yard.
  • This was my grandparents' house. My aunt currently lives here. Most outbuildings are gone now. Many trees are gone too
  • We bought this place in 2012. This property has changed drastically! The trailer is gone, the driveway now goes out to the road on the south side
  • of the property, and all of the little outbuildings are gone. There are now about 5 acres of trees planted from behind the barn to the road. The home has been remodeled and an addition added on.
  • I grew up here. The barn is now gone as along with the little building to the right. My parents sold there home in 2006.
  • This is my uncle and aunts' house. My brother currently farms and raises cattle here. Many of the outbuildings are gone or updated.
  • My Name is Larry Lenon. I grew up there. The grain bins are gone, along with the bushes along the field. Big maple in the back by the house
  • is gone2. It was approx. 100 yrs old when cut down. The trees next to the house on the south side and north are also gone. Can't see the garage for the trees but it is a new garage. The tractor in the field has Dad on it working.
  • in 1973, I lived and grew up there, too. My parents still live here. Barn and corn crib (lower right) are all gone. Chicken house (above/behind
  • the house) is gone, and replaced with a 32'x64' workshop. Pine tree (immediately left of the house) was struck by lightning and taken down in 2014
  • were added to the back of the lot, one in 2005 and another after 2009. The row of poplar trees on the left (south) side of the lot are gone
  • as are the big trees to the south and west of the house. The evergreen tree near the intersection is also gone.
  • barns there - they still stand. However, everything else there is gone - currently all tillable land.
  • that area in the Summer of 2015 and the barn was gone. It was just an empty lot out in the middle of the field.

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