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  • This house is also gone
  • The old house is gone along with outbuildings
  • This is our current home! We purchased it in 2012, when we moved in most of the barns were gone and the big barn was falling, and unfortunately
  • in 2016 it will be gone. The house was structurely sound and is beautiful!! We love everything about this property!! Maria Lemler
  • Yes, I grew up there and I'm back there now. Government ground on 3 sides is grown up with vegetation, barn and chicken house gone, willow trees gone
  • This was the James T. Shady homestead. James T. Shady was my grandfather. Most of the outbuildings are gone. The house, barn, and maybe one more building are all that are left.
  • We have lived there the past 5 years now. The large barn in the upper right corner is gone, the smaller white building with window on the end
  • and the 2 corn cribs are all gone.Some trees gone some bigger. Amazing to see it from this angle.
  • I see the backside of my house along the street at the top of the photo - today, the trees are bigger in the back, the tree is gone from the front
  • I grew up in this house. The barn is not longer there, the willow tree is gone, and there's a garage in its place. My dad planted that line of tiny trees along the driveway.
  • I think this is about when things started to change, you can see the two grain silos are now gone and the trees and brush is starting to get overgrown, still a magnificent property though! Maria Lemler
  • on 600 north wells county had been the Hershel McKeefer farm and the house was rented the farm buildings are gone

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