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062 bwh 35
  • This was my grand parents farm as I remember it in 1966. The old barn was torn down in the early 70's. To date all the other buildings seen
  • grandmother sold the farm and I have lost track of the of current owners. Thank you for the opportunity to go back to my childhood.
032 ewh 06
  • . My dads purchased this little corner of his father's farm to build this house. My grandfather was Stanley Ritenour in just a few years before
024 rwey 02
  • Farm house on E 250 N, just off IN Hwy 9, north of Columbia City
016 ewh 10
  • Ross Farm purchased from Oliver's in 1972. Denzil Schrader was the realtor and I was 12 at the time. I remember Denzil always holding a cigar.
013 ewh 02
  • Farm house on County Rd. S 200 W, just West of SR 9, where it curves. This is looking North West. Back building is no longer there, but the woods in the background is there.
068 owh 04
  • to say this place is no longer standing it is farm ground In 2012 the house burnt,its all buried Only memories left and these wonderful photos I have found,
019 bwh 25
  • Brian & Joy Conrad Farm 1100 W. 600 N. Thorncreek Township, Whitley County, IN. In 1966 this was the Don & Gladys Conrad and the Fay & Bertha
  • Conrad Farm. The house visible was Don & Gladys’s in 1966, originally it was Fay & Ethel Conrad’s home. A house hidden by trees to the right
024 rwey 05
  • Farm house, off E 250 N and N Airport Rd, north of Columbia City
024 rwey 07
  • Farm house off N. Airport Rd, north of Columbia City Barn and silo are no longer there
024 rwey 04
  • Farm house, off E 250 N and N Airport Rd, north of Columbia City

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