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  • I grew up here. None of the buildings are there anymore. So many memories.
  • this is the farm I grew up on, and have lots of fond memories.....
  • this is the farm I grew up on with lots of fond memories.....
  • My home church...St. Mary's in Dorchester, IA. Many, many memories!
  • My Grandparents farm, Herbert (born 1898) & Marie (born 1905) Fritz. The best childhood memories
  • Memorial park on the south side of the parking lot. The big tree by the church is gone, also.
  • My grandparents farm, Clem and Margaret Schulte, Dorchester Ia. It was about this time the Gene Wilder family bought it. Fond memories there, playing in the little house lower left!
  • My favorite spot in this entire world.....I saw this picture and was FLOODED with memories. I can hear the door slam, the creak of Gramma's foot
  • was the original log cabin homestead. The house was built around the log cabin. The house is no longer there. Many good memories growing up and visiting during the summer from Virginia!
  • believe the machine shed/hog house & barn are both gone now. A lot of good memories here.
  • an assortment of animals..cats, dogs, 2 cows a horse and several litters of pigs. Very fond memories of our life together there. The Ludlow Creamy was still operating when we first moved there.

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