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  • this is my grandparents place ...it's gone now
  • Silo is gone and some other little buildings
  • Many trees have been taken down, the silos are gone.
  • This is my family farm!! The cattle yards are gone. Now all corn fields. The barn is gone, and the corn crib was lost this year in a storm.The cattle sheds are also gone.
  • Like so many old farmsteads their usefulness had run their course. The buildings are all gone now only a memory
  • Lots has changed in 41 years...... More cattle yards, less trees and buildings...... Horse pens have come and gone as well......
  • We lived there 37 years until 2012. All the buildings are gone. there are two steel buildings and a new house.
  • My parents diary farm, Richard and Donna Glasson. West grove is now gone. North grove has been replanted. The cows were always penned in, ready to be milked when any aerial photos were taken!
  • of livestock and some of the crop land was pasture. Dad had a lot of cattle, sheep and pigs. Today many of the buildings are gone or have
  • deteriorated to the point they should be gone. Many great memories. Thanks for the photos.
  • This is where I grew up. My mom and dad still live here, but it sure doesnt look like this anymore. All the buildings except the machine shed behind the house and the corn crib, are gone now just in the last few years. SOOOO neat!!
  • there it is a green space. Also the building behind it is also gone. I don't know what it was.

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