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  • Willow Community School in Quimby is no longer there.
  • Wilson middle school.
  • This is the former Grand Meadow School. Now it is a museum, Grand Meadow Heritage Center. Address is 6306 D Ave. Washta, Iowa.
  • in the house. The house was referred to as the "teacherage". My dad and his brothers and sister graduated from this school along with many of my cousins on both sides of mom and dads families.
  • A www, Meriden Public School. It was the Elementary/JrHi building for Meriden-Cleghorn in the 60s and 70s.
  • Lived there from First Grade through High School. Barn Has Green Steel Roof on it now, there was a grain bin added in the upper left side of picture south of buildings.
  • graduated from High School in l969. A couple of those buildings were not there while I was growing up.machine shed for one,the grove of trees across the road was there when we came in 58 and still stands to this day.

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