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Okay here's the deal. This is the town I grew up in for a solid 18 years of my life (I am currently 20) and still come home often due to the fact that my entire family still lives in this town. In the year of 1999 in the month of May, a flood occurred which wiped out a good majority of the town. It took out 99% of the houses that you see in this picture. A park has replaced the area now. The church at the very bottom of the photo is still there, along with a fellowship hall that is in the spot of the house next to it. I'm sure you get this thing a lot about how there has been a flood, so here's another comment about it. Now you have been mildly updated. Thank you.

I grew up in the gas station that is in the middle of the picture I sure do miss the shop

Volga City Iowa

Every building in this picture except the church is gone. I can still name every homeowner. I grew up in the house which would be to the right of the picture. I then purchased and lived in the house mid right in this picture from 1989 on. Those two trees in the yard were gone way before then.

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