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  • Wonderful memories!
  • I visited my cousins on the Smith farm as a child. Very fond memories.
  • This house was built by my grandfather. I have so many great memories here. Most of those buildings are gone now.
  • of the barn were hog houses..we used to raise a lot of hogs, just one of the farms we had pigs on. The barn was pretty cool.. lots of memories on this farm!!
  • This is my parent's acreage. If it is the summer of '82, this was taken very shortly after they moved to the place. I have no memory of the barn ever standing. The original house is no longer there either. CRAZY!!!
  • how your memory reclaims things in your mind that you think you forgotten about.
  • lightning bugs on warm summer evenings with my aunt, uncle, cousins and sisters. Fond memories!
  • ... beautiful neighborhood and starry night skies. Trees have grown or been lost... half acre of wildflowers planted. Rock road paved. Blessed with many wonderful memories... and looking forward to many more!
  • into the valley near the white silo. He and my two boys grew up on this farm in the 90's. I always said it was boy and dog heaven...barns, creeks, woods, raccoons and so many memories!!
  • this picture was taken and man of the trees are now gone. The property sold in October 2010 and looks very much different now as most of the old buildings were taken down . Beautiful old home with many fabulous memories

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