Photo 20-YDA-8


This is the café that meant so much to me back the early 80s. Excerpt from Growing Up Amish.

"Chuck and Margaret Leonard ran the little café and service garage. It was a ramshackle little place, but comfortable and welcoming. Margaret, or Mrs. C., as we called her, assisted by her married daughter Linda, bustled about in the kitchen, cooking meals for all the hungry locals. A caring woman, Mrs. C always asked how Titus was doing, and clucked in sympathy. Chuck, clad in old, grease-stained, dark green coveralls, fussed and swore in his little shop, words flowing from him in a disjointed stream as he labored at repairing tractors and trucks for the local farmers."

My childhood home. The fence is gone, the cafe is gone, the front porch has changed, the shop to the right burned down in 1986, rebuilt by the amish a few days later. My dad lost his life in that shop Jan 10th, 2012. I took gor granted the days spent here growing up, but would give anything to go back to that time and that place.

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