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  • Lived here growing up all gone now.
  • Everything in the photo is now gone and the Amish have built a home there.
  • Spent much of my childhood in this home! It's gone now, with a bank in its place but some good memories remain!
  • of the buildings are gone now. All the memories remain. I could still show anyone where everything was.
  • The house is gone there are new buildings. I was 8 years old then and I grew up on this farm. It was in my family for over 100 years
  • We now own the house now. Bought it in june 2013. The trees are all gone. The sidewalk is gone. And the color is now gray with red accents.
  • This is our family farm. Amazing how much has changed over the years. We have built a new house where the big barn is and tore the red house down. Many of these trees are also gone over the years.
  • This was my grandmother's farm. The barn is still standing today but the house is gone and a new house has been built. This was the Iva Jelsma farm until the late 1970's and was sold after her passing.
  • Lived in house on the left for 38 years. House on the right is no longer there. Apple orchard is gone. House now has three decks built on. Covered porch on back is part of back deck. Chimney is no longer there.
  • My great aunt and uncle lived here when I was younger. My brother and his family now live here. The house is gone now with a new house where the sheds are now.
  • I grew up on this farm. Both of the original barns were torn down by this time. This was the Garold Jelsma farm. The house is now gone.

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