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Wichita Church

I remember going to church here. The Christmas program was always a thrill for the little one's, when Santa would burst in the door with bags of candy for the kids. In the summer, Bible School was a lot of fun.

My cousin Louis Crawley drove the maintainer, that was stored in the building to the north, just before the fork in the road in the mid to late 50's. My Uncle Loyd Crawley and family went to the church. They had a big ice cream social, and I attended a Sunday service that the message, was entitled, "Getting around to it" I used to have that "round-to-it" that was given during the service. Mom (Arlene Mains) taught for a short time in the school house, that was south of the church.

Doris Coe played the piano in the Wichita Methodist Church for many years. I stayed the summers with Grandma Doris and Grandpa Leonard Coe to attend Bible School.

As I remember, just on the other side or south of the church, and the house, there used to set an old steam powered Case (?)thrashing machine, just at the corner. To the west, there used to be a one room school house, that's where my mom, Arlene Mains taught school for a short time.

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