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  • The big corn crib is gone as well as a lot of the older buildings and the house has been remodeled. Grew up here and my parents still live there.
  • horses, though. There was still an outhouse behind the barn and the house at that time. All the outbuildings, most of the trees, the lilac and peony bushes are all gone now but sweet memories of a simpler time remain.
  • Mary ans I lived here for a little over 10 years.many trees and most out buildings are gone.
  • Zaiser family farm. Most buildings are gone except the barn and the remodel house. The three bins ate still there.
  • Born and raised on this farm. Changes since the picture was taken include all the buildings, cribs, etc. east of the machine shed building are gone
  • there, the neighbors shed/barn to the right of the road is gone and a corn bin was added behind in the field. Absolutely loved growing up here and love visiting.
  • I was born here in 1942. My parents owned the farm until 2010. My cousin now lives there. All the buildings except the barn are gone. The barn
  • has been made over into a "family room" or party room for my young cousin. The house has had a make over and the big trees around the house are gone
  • the years are that most of the out buildings are gone and the rest left over have fallen apart to the point of tear down, but the house is still

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