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Darrell and Susan Miller raised field crops, hogs and cattle on the place until 2005 when Darrell retired. They then rented the farm land out. Darrell was the third generation to farm here. In 2007 Millers moved to town. In 2008 Ben Dittmer (a grandson) bought the acreage. Ben, his wife Jamee and two children keep the place lively now.

As a child growing up, I lived across the road with my parents, Burdette and Viola Witte. Julius and Elsie Miller lived on the place when I was young with their children. They are cousins. I babysat for Darrel and Susan Miller's children in the 60's. Good memories.

My mother, Florence Miller Joy, grew up on this farm. After she married my dad, Vern Joy, they lived across the road for a time. One of my brothers might have been born there. I have many fond memories playing at this place when I was a child. I remember the big front porch where the reunion picture was always taken. Also, when Julius and Elsie lived there, I remember looking down through the round register things to the living room from the bedroom above. And watching television at their house for the first time. it was pretty snowy.

Love this photo. We lived here for over 40 years. You guys already know that !!!

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