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  • The most wonderful memories growing up..........
  • Loved growing up there - so many memories!
  • Brings back a lot of memories. Love that house
  • Love this Farm nice memories thanks Jeanie and family
  • This is my Grandma and Grandpa's house, Lawrence and Mildred Haman. So wonderful to see this image again as I have many beautiful and fond memories of this place.
  • My grandparents lived here for many years. Many memories! Loved the house.
  • This is where i was raised by Ernest and Verla Hunzelman, many memories are here, sad that all the buildings are gone except the the one barn that was built after the tornado went thur.
  • Got to love the Trimpe acreage alot of memories here. We bought it back in 2014 and we love it. Thanks Julius and Susan
  • Got love the Trimpe acreage alot of memories. Of the famiy. We bought back 2014 and love it . Thanks Julius and Susan
  • Gary Huedepol (sp?), his wife, son & daughter lived here next to my Grandma Huedepohl (their last names are spelled differently - He had a younger brother too that farmed Grandma's land with him. Great memories.
  • Love this photo, it was my Grandparents farm!! Many very fond memories. Wish it was still part of the family. The house has been moved off to another location. I am the oldest Grandaughter of Paul and Henrietta Schwarting.
  • Myers owned it and Dwight Erteld and Paul Yoder farmed it in 1972. Great memories of the old place! I believe it was once a stagecoach stop in the 1800's.

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