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  • Ernest Johnson/ Delmar Johnson SR. Many memories!
  • give to go back and do it again. Lots of memories playing in the barn's haymow and in the apple trees, both are gone. Sweet memories.
  • This is the farm I grew up on. Right on the Jasper/Mahaska county line. Our family no longer owns the farm, but I have lots of good memories from there!
  • I grew up in this house! Wonderful Memories!
  • The little trees were just grown to the west of the house. Brings back lots of memories!:)
  • That place is the greatest thing since sliced bread ! Many memories, of you too Leroy. This is where I galliantly tried to jump on a horse and ride it. Then it attempted to kill me.
  • of the orchard. I left the farm for college in 1965, so this picture brings back lots of memories.
  • This is the Parker farm. I lived here from 1976-1981. Great memories! Am very glad it's still in the family too. So much has changed!
  • Great picture that brings back so many memories. I can see grandma and smell the great food comming from the kitchen.
  • I have so many memories at my aunt and uncle's house. It was a place that make me happy. And the smell of the horses I instantly loved. When I smell horses, I think of that safe place to go as a young child.
  • I lived in this house from june 2012 till june 2017. I raised 3 kids there made lots of memories with my husband and children. It was burnt down and buildings torn down by new owners :/
  • the house roof in the photo. The original gravel lane leading to the house is gone, as well as all the barns, etc. I have many good memories of this place.

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