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  • wow theres a memory....
  • This is of the Sigourney Court House and Lewis Memorial Fountain in Sigourney IA.
  • I grew up in this house. It looks quite a bit different now, but we made a lot of wonderful memories there.
  • there right about that time. Everything has been demolished and is not just farm ground. Thank you for this picture-we have such fond memories of this place!
  • This was my late husband's family farm. All the buildings are gone. The people that bought it have made it into a summer get away for there family. I need this picture for my wall of memories. THANK you for keeping these.
  • This house is gone and is now the site of the Keota Veterans Memorial. Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the background.
  • a neighboring farm in 1992. Mom and Dad raised 10 children here and Jane and I raised our 3 chilren here. Lots of family memories on this place
  • I grew up on this farm. My folks lived there for over 65 yrs. The house and one out building is all that's left. Great place to raise a family. Wonderful memories made with my family. Miss them so much.

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