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This is the farm my grand parents, Jean & Carroll Worthington owned your until approximately 1976? I remember my grandfather’s old Cadillacs on the right side of the drive. I remember the horseshoe competitions in the front yard on the Fourth of July. This is where I learned to ride a horse. There was a cattle run to load cattle (in the photo). As a four and five-year-old it looked very old to me. I loved to play on it. I also love to go in the storm shelter/where they kept their veggies. This is coming from a city girl. After they left Larry Worthington moved into this home at some point. He continued to have the Fourth of July celebrations with his wife Joann and their daughter Danielle. Larry had children with his first wife Carol Lee who lived near this location and who is a wonderful, hard working person in my memories. After Larry Worthinton passed, his son Rory Worthinton moves the house itself to a place near Stringtown Road where it exists as of today, 2019. The land is currently owned by Steve Core, son of Harold Core. There is no longer a home or any buildings.

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