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  • Today, the barns and pasture are gone, and the house went through a little remodel but it's a great place!
  • I grew up on that farm also. Lived there from 1942 to 1952 when I left home to go to Mercy Hosp. Nursing School. The windmill and most buildings are gone as well as Brother Don's landing strip for the Taylorcraft😢
  • Grew up in McCallsburg so mamy of these building are gone now including the two grain elevators. Can not see my house though. Wish I could.
  • Yes, I lived on that farm in 1961-1962. My father planted one of the two trees that are in front of the house. My cousin still lives on the farm. Some of the buildings and trees are now gone, but it is still beautiful.
  • We bought this farm in August 1986 and still live here today. All of the buildings and grain bins south of the house,garage and newer machine shed were gone at that time.
  • Own house now. All outbuildings but house gone and few new added
  • This was my grandparents farm Don and Beverly Finnegan. They moved there about 1956. And had the first sink in Story City. Some of the buildings are gone since this picture.
  • , and the cleanup of the whole landscape. Though those buildings are all gone today, they served him well for 17 years, and then his son, Jon, for another 13 or so.
  • I grew up here. All of these buildings are now gone. Several of the trees have come down in windstorms over the last 40 years.
  • Grandma owns this farm. Corn crib and house are gone. North side of barn has a shop along with two more grain bins to the west of the barn and a new shed (which wouldn’t be pictured here)

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