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  • Ross farm W of Willis KS
  • My grandparents farm. The only things left is the Morton building!
  • My father grew up on this farm and I spent a portion of most every summer here as a child.
  • This was my grandparents farm, then my parents, now it's mine. A lot has changed in 45 years. Bigger trees, more buildings, house was added on to a few times. Less fencing now with no hogs.
  • My grandparents farm right around the time I was born!
  • This is NEK-CAP southwest of Hiawatha. I dont know if it was NEK-CAP when photo was taken. It used to be the Brown County poor farm/infirmary prior
  • This was my grandparent's farm, Floyd and Mildred Snyder. I spent many summers here. Many of my fondest memories and love of agriculture yet today
  • came from this farm. My grandfather ran alot of sheep and Hereford cattle at the time. I can almost remember every corner of this farm that I explored as a kid.
  • Wayne Knabe Farm
  • Harold Jahnke farm. 1872 Goldfinch Rd. North of Powhattan KS
  • George Killoren farm. 925-180th St. North of Powhattan KS

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