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In the spring of 1959 we had competed in an away track meet. When we arrived back at Lyndon High School, I was invited to ride along to Osage City to the drive in movie. The Turnquist twins, Albert and Elmer, had a âœModel A Ford Coupe❠with a rumble seat. Don Masenten (sp) and the twins were seniors that year, I was a sophomore; I was the one riding in the rumble seat.
The twins were in a thrifty mood and decided to get into the rumble seat and close the lid. I moved to the front seat with Don. The huge tool box from the rumble seat was on my lap. Somehow this did not raise a question when we bought our two (2) tickets.
Once inside, Don took a quick tour of the field behind the ramps. This was followed by a brisk run over all of the ramps. To other cars at the drive in, it could not have been a secret that there were passengers in the back. Albert and Elmer were voicing their displeasure loudly from the closed rumble seat.
The drive in was a social gathering place for young citizens from Burlingame, Osage City and Lyndon. On occasion meetings werenâ™t amicable; fortunately this was rare. The drive in was a part of the celebration of getting oneâ™s driverâ™s license and the freedom of movement it provided.

When I was going to that drive-in it was Owned and operated by my best friend's parents... The Hitchings. Great times.

I worked there in 1956-57,at the ticket booth and at intermission in the concession stand.

My dad ran the projectors and I would meet my boyfriend (who worked in the ticket booth) in seats in front of the screen when he finished working. I also babysat for the Hitchings on occasion. What a delight to see this pix!

Hilcrest Drive-In Theater
812 US-56, Osage City, KS 66523
38.649537, -95.846108

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