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Photo 7-RSA-25


I am 35 and until this year this was my grandparents farm. I spent all of my childhood out on this piece of land. They have both passed away now, Virgil Pihl in 2016 & Lucielle "Lucy" Hendrix Pihl 2020 (at the beginning of this year). I have so many memories here from learning to ride the 4 wheeler & motorcycle, to homemade go carts, building a hot rod, casket car, building the scariest sled that had a seat out of a car and required a seat belt, fixing up and painting my first car, learning how to be a kid and get greasy in the shop with my grandpa nearly every weekend. It didn't matter what it was if you thought it my grandpa could find a way to make it. There are so many more good memories to list. My grandparents were proud of this farm and it will never be the same without them.

When I was born this was my first home. Grandma and grandpa Pihl lived here at that time. I would ride the tractors and combines cutting the wheat and turning the fields over. As a kid I would go next door and play card (kings on the corner) and of course domino.
Grandpa would get this wonderful fish and invite me over and eat it with him. Good times.
My dad would soup up anything that had a motor. We went fast on that farm. Grandpa and dad would put out a garden, a big garden. We snapped beans for a week. Canning. Potatoes, carrots, and lots and lots of beans. I remember many family and friend gathering back in the 70s and 80s. Now they all have passed. Only memories left.

I also grew up on this farm starting in 1942 and leaving to attend college in 1960 I cannot all the
good memories that Linnea and Sandy have about their early lives on this farm. Please don't get me wrong, I had parents who loved me and cared for me, but I just was never a .'farm loving gal'. In high school, it restricted me from being involved in school activities that my friends were able to be a part of. My parents felt like taking me to and from these activities took up too much time so I honored their decisions and stayed home. Back in those days, if your parent said NO that is what they meant. As children, we obeyed them without complaining!!! I knew that they loved me and for me that was enough. I do not miss growing up on this farm, but I remember thinking at an early age, maybe 6 or 7 that when I got out of high school that I wanted to live in Salina. After all these years I am back in Salina and love living here. I know that this farm is now owned by a grandson of my parents and I am not real comfortable about the way he may upkeep it like my father did. We will just have to wait and see what will happen!

This is my Grandpa Teddy's farm. I loved coming out here as a child. I would get to watch TV while the grownups played cards and drank "medicine." Grandpa Teddy had a fish pond and I have fond memories of following him around while he took care of the fish and the pond.

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