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  • So sad that is was torn down. I remember when Charles and Christine Beach owned this store. A lot of good memories.
  • Loved this place. The family that owned this were like grandparents to me. Taught my children his to fish on this farm. Lots of memories.
  • this was my grand mother house for more then 40 years use to play out back and the all the fun memories from there
  • This is my aunt and uncle property. My uncle built the house that sets on the property now. A lot of good childhood memories made there when we were growing up.
  • This is my grandparents home. Learner and Lillian Napier. My father Weldon and his sister Laverne were born here. I have great memories. We still live on the farm and the house is still standing.
  • and walked the woods many times with my friends. I've bee told when you die heaven is filled with your favorite memories. This was my heaven.

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