Photo 23-CBOY-29


That was my home when I was 11. Things have changed a little but not much, greatest time of my life.

Korey, our son had the opportunity to live on a farm as a small boy working with his Dad,
Korey was taught to raise tobacco, drive a tracker and wagon raise a garden, chop fire wood, Korey's dad wanted his son to be his own man someday. His Dad taught him to
be aware of his surroundings and any danger that might accur. Korey Played with his friends, went to junction school, played in the creek bed with his friends and dogs, he earned a dirk bike by doing his CHORES. Korey did not have a cell pone, video games, or any computer, he had US. Our son is a man now, and has his own family to raise. My Husband and I are proud that we could help our son in his early years, So I'm thankful for living here a nosco Rd. This was our home. We know that our son can take care of his family, Yes it is hard work, but we would not change it for anything,

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