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  • I grew up here its so gone now
  • Jesse & Dorothy McIntyre farm. Mobile home is gone. Other structures in tact 4/28/2018.
  • That was my grandparents house. I loved playing in those barns and on the tractors as a kid. My dad lives there now, all the barns are gone and so
  • is the garage. A tornado took them out about 10-12 years ago. The big tree in the front was gone a long time ago due to being struck by lightning so many times. But the other trees are much bigger now.
  • Barn moved to right side of driveway. White House gone. Brick home built 1990
  • Jesse & Dorothy McIntyre Farm. The house has been torn down and the trailer home isn’t there. Tool shed behind the home is also gone. A double wide home is there 2017.
  • Photo 69-SDA-28 and 29 are where I grew up. The house and all but 1 of the trees in the yard are gone, house is replaced by a modular home. My mother still lives there. I may be interested in a package deal of both photos.

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