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This WAS Coveys Grocery, located at Four Corners. Now it is an empty lot.
This was my Dads store, where I grew up and lived until I married in 1972.

This is The Era of Covey's Grocery. A little country store that was attached to their home. A home the raised two girls, 4 boys and two sets of twin boys for total of 10 children there. In addition to helping to raise or babysit many a grandchild. Including me! Nice story where they would let you run credit for your food, gas, kerosine. Or be a complete stranger and my grandfather would help you know you had an empty promise of paying it back.

The biggest thing that has changed is that the store is now gone --Nothing but an empty lot.

Lived next house on left up the road, toward Jonesville. Rode my bike to grocery to pick up snacks and things. Summer was great! Had lots of playmates. Before the Coveys owed this, there was a vacant lot on 22 that had a platform that allowed music and dancing every fri and sat nights. We could sit in our yard and listen

lived on mitt's rd from 1978 to know alway's at the store from cold cut's to BB.s

I AM THE THIRD OLDEST SON.lIVED THERE FROM THE EARLY 50'S TO THE EARLY 60'S.I got a job in Dayton,Ohio in 65 and left.It was a great time in those days with friends and family.Dad was a great provider,us kids never went without anything,never went hungery,and that's saying a lot.Dad would help anyone that needed help. Nothing there now, the store is gone, but our memories will always be. Dad passed away there and our family was broken. Can't wait till our family is back together again.

I am his son my dad is Donald. I don't know who wrote this but I am so glad they did. I remember growing up and going to the store. My papa Bay would always give us a big bag of candy. e would give us a bag and tell us to fill it! I loved him and he was the best papa you could ever have. I miss him.

And I LOVE MY DAD DON. YOU COULD NOT ASK FOR A BETTER ONE. Even though ive let him down time after time he still loves me. Who could ask for a better dad! this brought back so many memories. I wish we could all get back to gather. Not for a death or sickness but just to see each other again.

We lived just a few miles away from here. Stopped just about every morning on the way to school.

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