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  • Brings back some of the best memories of my childhood! Just as I remember it.
  • My Grampa's place back in the day. Many memories made there.
  • This was my aunts home, everyone would stop by and sit out on that front porch.. good memories!
  • I grew up on this farm. I miss it so much! To much has changed. A lot of wonderful memories of the farm. Miss it
  • My grandparents farm is right down the road so as kids growing up we would walk to this store to get candy & soda, good times great memories... those were the good old days and are truly missed...
  • I really miss this place alot of great memories I wish I could go back so bad
  • this is were I lived when I was a little girl until 1989 thank u brings back great memories
  • This is wear I grew up, brings back lots of memories.
  • I think this the farm and home of Aubrey and Regina Sims where we raised our kids. Looks alot different now We moved away many years ago. Brings back memories
  • Spent many summers "working" here. Drank peach Nehi with a big bologna sandwich. Created memories with my great aunt and cousins.
  • My parents build in 1971 when I was 10. My brothers lived across the road, great memories there.

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