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016 mar 23

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I think this is the house I grew up in. The Beers Farm. I emailed my Mom to confirm.

It may be Ella Mae Boutilier's farm

Definitely the Beers farm. Judy and I grew up here. The barn burned in 1972.

Yup this Our home!! Sure does look different now.

Confirmed! Beers Farm. I am sitting with mom looking at it right now.
Looks like this was taken in 1967 about the time we moved in.
House and barn were built by Mom's Grandfather Harry Schillinger and his cousin in the 1800's.

Has always been referred to as "The Hall Farm" (not sure why) In the 60's it was owned by Wilfred Beers who rented out the house and farmed the property behind.
Rowland & Hazel Beers purchased the house and 4 acres from Wilfred Beers in 1967. The attached property behind was sold in the early 70's.

This is without a doubt our house.The barn the pond with the big elms around it the 56 chevy in the yard was out in the bushes by the pond up until just a few years ago.It had more bullet holes than bonnie and clydes car.

My mom still lives here to this day.I remember one of the main beams in the barn had HALL 18 something I think it was 1870 but not sure.No relation as far as I know.

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