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It's been a long time, but isn't/wasn't that the Morrison farm?

This is the Fox Farm, Dyer Brook, Maine (Willard "Bill" Fox)

Beautiful place and very, very nice people. I picked potatoes there when I was in my teens..

must of took a lot of people and work to keep the farm going.

The Fox Farm was a great place to live. So much to learn and enjoy on this farm!

The Fox Farm was a great place to live.

Debbie, see the hole in the little barn wall, we put that there. That happened when we back the car door thru the wall. Took the driver's door off Mom and Dad's 1963 Chevy Bel-Air. The car is parked near the porch in this picture. Dad had the car fixed quickly but it was a year or so before repairs were made to the barn.

Yes I see the hole! The driving lesson was a big bang!

What a riot Debbie and David...I am so lucky to be Ruth's baby girl and be a part of this family. We had great parents with so much love around us. I close my eyes and see the image of Mt Katahdin out the picture window in the kitchen and just have this sigh of relief and feeling of being home. love you guys.


I do I lived there the first 2yr's of my life. While my dad served his country. "GOD BLESS AMERICA" Oh I'm not a fox?
I'm a "HARDY" Richard Mom Edith Farther Dana Grandparents Ross @ vesper fox Come to think of it?
I guess I've got fox in me too? What-ch think. And I've got this to say. Even though I've only visited over the years.
I remember the Christmas's, And about all the other holidays. Right up to the day Grampy Fox passed away in "55"

And yes I loved that old farm too. It never should of been taken out of the "FOX" Name.

Love swing on the rope

Since we restored the house in 2007-8, we still refer to it as "The Fox Farm", and hope that we can keep this magnificent property in good shape. Thanks to the help of David Fox for information, and a lot of local craftsman, it is back to being "lived-in" again. Unfortunately we couldn't do much for the potato house, and it had to be taken down a couple of years ago, due to liabilities and the best interest of the town. No better views of Mount Katahdin or a beautiful sunset than from here. Taking the barn down only helped the panorama, I'd say! Another distinguishing natural feature is the way the wind blows up there. Comments anyone?!

Bill told me he lost his wedding ring in the spray pond that used to be down back.I looked for it multiple times with my metal detector, but never found it. He remembered exactly where it fell off; it's probably still there. I did find & return carolee slaunwhite's 1965 class ring after 21 years of searching on garfield's lawn. Found it around 2006.
When I was 9 or 10, I'd walk down to jigg's store and if Bill drove by, He'd always give me a ride home.

My Mom, Ruth Fox, was the youngest of the nine fox children. Was so lucky to be a piece of this heritage and the hard work that went into this farm. I'll always remember Mom telling about Gram, (Vesper), having a day to wash, a day to cook, a day to clean, a day to dust, etc to keep the farm and the hired help going and fed. Gram was a fantastic cook and my mom taught me well thanks to her Mom. Lots of history in this old farm house. I will always remember hearing uncle Bill play the piano to entertain us as small kids. Spending the night with Gaylee when we were little and visiting during summer vacation. The fun part as a child was going into the old barn and walking into the summer kitchen and into the house. Then the apartment up stairs off the main bedrooms. So much fun and what a great childhood memory to hold on too. Aunt Peg actually gave me Gram and Gramps marriage license because my husband and I were married on their anniversary 67 years later with Libby's standing up with them.

These farms were such a part of our childhood, I was home in 2012 for a reunion and was saddened to see the state of most of the properties now.....

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