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016 mar 33

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Sis McLaughlins house, Dyer Brook

I think at that time Sis & Olin lived in the farm across the road. I think Villard McLaughlin(? ) still owned this house then.

Picked potatoes out back there--maybe even those planted there!! :D

Sorry---think it was later than '64 that Sis & Olin lived across the road.

Villard had a large pond stocked with trout way up in the back field.Josephine always gave Jean Shields and I permission to fish...and we did a lot!


Craig McLaughlin. This is where my mother and brother still live.Laura McLaughlin and Dean.At the time of this picture my grandfather Villard and wife Joesefine(Hersey) were still alive. Dean now has a house in the upper left corner where the old tool building was. This hose was built in the 40s.There was a house directly behind it at one time. The barn used to say CD McLaughlin Shorthorn Cattle on the front It was still visible in the 70s.Clyde was Villards father,so this is 4th generation Mclaughlin.Maybe more!

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