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016 mar 06

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Don Mitchell Farm in Merrill on the Moro Townline Road

This is my grandparents house, Don Mitchell, as mentioned above. My father, Stephen Mitchell - one of Don's children, lives here now.

Not much has changed! There is a pond to the right of the house close to the road. That's about it!

I'm next door neighbors with Steve to the left. He's a great fellow, who has lots of stories to tell. There were many kids who were raised there he told me, and his mom made some pretty good minced meat that was kept in a crock in the cellar. Sometimes she would keep canned meat in jars placed in the mud by the stream nearby to keep. On the opposite side of the road and down a bit to the West of here lived old man Garold Mitchell, who was an uncle or great uncle of Steve's. It's been told that he was a hunter, trapper and poacher of great acclaim. I was happy to get to know old Garold before he passed about 8-10 yr ago when he was in his nineties. Someone once told me this area of the Moro Road was known as "Mitchellville" back in the day.

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