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This was my grandfather's farm, Cecil Patterson. I lived here until I was four years old. I remember playing in the hay in the barn and sneaking in to visit the horses and sitting on the pony, Pal, while he was laying down. I always hoped he would stand up. It's a good thing he never did because I probably would have been scared to death! I would go to the pasture and feed the horses and walk around with them. I see that they are in this picture. I also loved to catch grasshoppers by the old potato house (they seemed huge) and roll down the hill. and the best spot to ever dig worms is on the lawn to the South of the South driveway. Later, Grampy had his garden here. I have another aerial picture of the farm that was given to me and Grampy is in the Garden in his white t-shirt. After my parents divorced and we moved to Easton, I used to spend a few weeks at a time on the farm with Grampy and his wife and family. I have such wonderful memories of spending the day with Ella and waiting for Grampy to come in. I loved to go watch him wash up for supper. I remember his hands the most. They were strong hands and were always covered with dirt and yellow from spray. I loved to spend time with him. When I was older, he would let me ride the lawnmower all over the farm.
The farm has changed a lot in the past 50 years. The little storage shed in front of the barn was the first to go. It was replaced by a house trailer where I spent the first four years of my life. The trailer has been gone for years. The big maple tree on the front lawn was next, followed by the potato house. I can't remember the years that they were gone. Someone else may be able to tell you that. The big barn is now in disrepair and the North driveway has been filled in. Each time the farm had a new owner I always hoped they would repair things but they did not.
It's funny how life always seems to come full husband grew up just up the road from the farm and I now live just up the road from where I started my life.It breaks my heart to see the buildings fall and I hope that I can salvage a piece of the barn at some point. I'm thankful for the memories.

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