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This the the home built by my Great-Grandfather Israel Ouellette's Potato Farm. I believe my Great Uncle Wilfred Ouellette had this property as well. I remember going into that house when I was probably 5 or 6 for my Great Grandmother's wake. It was such a beautiful property in the 1960's!

My Aunt Cecile Theriault & her family lived in the little house in the right corner. This is where the Guerrette's have a potato house now. The one in the picture burned. This is where the road to The Lodge is now on the Van Buren Road in Caribou.

i was born just in front of the little house to the left of the farm house and worked on that farm in my teen age years. I use to drive mrs Israel ouellette around in her late years. Pat and Isabell lived with her until she died. The little house on the left was lived in by the hired man (Leo J Cyr) The house was than sold to me . Their is a long history and many changes. I would have to sit down and really think about this there were many good years of my life there.

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