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Parson Rd, Presque Isle..............barn is now gone.

This is the Kempton Farm. Barn was huge. My Uncle Sheldon Peary married Margaret Kempton and he ran the farm with her sister Alice Kempton. The first cement poured in Aroostook was for the foundation of this barn. I loved going there. Sheldon could shoot a rifle like the Rifleman on tv. My father Kenneth Peary once helped chase a cow running along the railroad track in front. Dad caught the cow by the tail and then he yanked himself forward to grab her front foot and tripping her.

I also cut hay in the field beyond and helped load the bailed hay on the truck to get it to the barn. The White house is the Kenpton house. look at this end of the barn and sight straight up to spot Sheldons house in the trees.

My uncle Wally Thompson delivered milk for the (Kenpton's) to homes in Presque Isle with a horse.. Later on they (Kenpton's) had Haines rebuild the milk wagon with a "Model A" frame..

Wally Thompson was also my uncle. He married my Aunt Elanor Peary. Bob send me an

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