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It has changed a great deal!! I grew up in this house. In the early 90's the barn was replaced and the front porche was turned into rooms in the home!

As most old farms there has been changes, we put foundation under the old porch and entryway. We added a master bedroom, office and mud room, took the barn down and build a 3 door garage. The garage is wonderful, however, taking the barn down has taken the original character.

I was priveliged to grow up in this home just as it is pictured here. My sister, brother, and I spent countless hours playing on the porch and in the old barn. It has undergone some renovations over the years...Many things have changed. But absolutely nothing can ever compare to the memories I have of the original and the best. Near and dear to my heart. Love this picture!

Which Kenney family farm -- parents, grandparents-- and where is it located?

Murray Kenney or Preston Kenney?

This was the Bernard Kenney farm. Steve Kenney lives here currently - 2015.

This is my Great Grandparents farm. I remember Grammy always had candy for us and Gramp was sweet and very quite. They were both wonderful, hard working, precious people. I have great memories from here as do many others I’m sure since they had 11 children.
Love this photo.

I helped clean and tear barn down when i worked for steve and ryan on the farm

Dan nicoles worked there to

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