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This was my grandparents farm...E.J. Bull on the front of the barn. Many happy memories there!

There are many Bull's that were produced in this home. The front right lower window, next to the the door (never used) was Gram and Gramp's bedroom. As of today... I have lost count...but I think we are about 175 strong in this part of the Bull herd...all started from this humble farm. Grammie would not cook on a regular stove/range... she used her wood cook stove and produced the BEST...most YUMMY meals from it. The garage on the left...upper floor, housed several beds for 'spill over' sleeping. The barn... there is history to that... one of the first of (or the first) of it's type in the area. Oh and...the outhouse...located on the left side of the barn. So much more... but saving that for one of the other 175 to speak/post about.

My grandparents farm. The most wonderful memories in this house. All the cousins had to sleep upstairs in the garage on the left where there were 6 or 7 beds. The bats would fly around at night and many a morning the 'Uncle's' aimed the garden hose in the front window for a wake up call. Swimming in the river with our 'river shoes 'on and don't forget the salt shaker for the blood suckers. Back in the house reaching in the 'slide' to get a pink Canada mint..and on and on

This is my great grand parents home. My grand parents, Arden and Eddie Bulls farm was down the road about a mile or so. Lots of great memories walking down Parsons Rd. to great grammies with my uncle and aunt who happened to be 1 yr older and 2 yrs younger. Going fishing, playing in the barn. We never ran out of things to do.

Dean Bull here is my sister Carolyn Peary Bull, son

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