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Photo 62-OAR-34


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Tilly/Tilley residence Van Buren Maine

George Cyr from St. David bought this farm in the 60's and planted potatoes,oats,buckwheat and also baled hay for his dairy farm back in St. David. The house was sold but the barn was torn down. If i remember right the barn was a chicken farm with an elevator. It was about 4-5 stories high. George (my dad) used the long shed on the right to store his farm equipment. We had a lot of memories of harvesting potatoes here. At lunch time, our mom would back our big Chrysler into the field across from the barn. She would open the trunk to feed the large family who picked potatoes. The trunk would be full of with a hot home cooked meal of roast beef, brown potatoes,roast chicken, corn on the cob, (ployes, crotons,) Acadian comfort foods. Wow I was a young boy then,the youngest of fifteen kids. Other years we would haul truck loads of hay bales back to farm in ST.David for the cows there. Dad lost his wallet there while plowing a field. The field is behind the house to the left. There was over $700 in it. So if you think you are lucky, try finding it,ha!ha! Now (2015) George Junior owns the property. The long shed to the right is torn down also. Pleasant memories are here.

Oh yes, the reference for the St David farm is 63-OAR-32

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