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Photo 68-OAR-31


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Alex Bouchard house and farm later beame George Cyr property

yes sir , i finally found this farm . My dad George bought this farm and the cows in early sixties. My dad sold the house and we used the land for oats, buckwheat and hay. I'm not sure if he planted potatoes on this farm. They were great apple trees on the hill. They were the best. We would pick a barrel or two for the family. I remember bears used to hang out in that area. The other farms my dad owned are located on 63-OAR-32 St. David and 62-OAR-34 Lille. You can also see our restaurant on 68-OAR-17 it had a flat roof. Anybody old enough in the sixties my have known the name of Valley Diner or Valley Restaurant. I was to young to read. It was built in 1961 or 62. I was 2 years old. Oh yes, A martin family had bought the house. Pierre Martin almost my age lived there. We used to fill both barns with bales of hay both here and the barn across from the Gateway Motels in St. David. Mike Bouchard used to help load the truck with bales and had fun teasing petit-Blanc Picard stacking the bales on the truck . Mike lived to the right of this farm. We went to school together. Mike was a cool guy. Its amazing to see a picture like this and recall the memories it brings. I was less than 10 years old when my dad got this farm maybe 7 years old. I don't see any fencing around the barn for the cows and this picture was taken in 1965, I was around 6 years old. It looks like my dad's combine behind the barn.

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