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I believe this is the Parker farm on the Garfield Road. Jon and I bought it in 1976 and lived there for 5 years then sold it to Stan and Jan Perry, who still live there today.

I was very wrong not the Parker house at all. Sorry.

It's another angle on Clair pollard farm

This owned originally by Clair Alanzo Pollard from England. His son Clair Owen Pollard and Marion
Owen pollard raised five children all now deceased
Donna , Owen , Richard , Elna, HarrietDaughter James p Smith was cared by Owen Pollard and went to the farm many times in the 1960,s We lived in Readfield
Maine 1961 to 1980 Owen was the Director of Rehibiltation in Augusta Maine Owen went to Ricker In Houlton Maine Owens brother went to a Kent’s Hill High school , so as Harriet , Donna
Elna.I to James P Smith graduated from Kent’s Hill in June 1965 Iwas living in Readfield Maine while attending Kent’s Hill living with Mr C Owen Pollard.
Donna married Joseph Campbell a lawyer and owned a Ranch in Victorville ,CA. Harriet Pollard married Peter Cannistro in Sctituate Mass Elna married in Massachusetts to a Hans Christenson.Daughter is an Attorney in San Antonio ,Texas Name Kris. Many of the men along with I James would come up to Aroostook County to hunt
Fish in the Oxbow had a small camp .The
Oldest son Owen was killed by a serial killer in Norman Ok where he worked for the U of Ok in 2011
I reside in Okc James , I was in the U S Navy one year in Vietnam I have an aerial photo from
About 1957 same House , Barn and Potatoe house it was torn down late 1980s Will share photo when I get it I have it . Lots of history in the home I even painted the Maine House when I was .15 I use to hunt and fish in the fields around the Farm!

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