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This is the Buckley Farm on U.S. 1 in Westfield, ME. Home at one time to four generations of Daniel Buckley's. Maybe most famous for having a potato stand in the front yard for years. Dan the 2nd lived in the little house on the left with his family. His dad, Dan Sr. lived in the big house on the right with his brother Ben when I was growing up and attended a one room school just across the road and up on a hill.

Thank you for making my day. You don't know how much you miss a place til tears stream down your face while looking at a photograph. My Grandparents lived in the house to the left. None of the buildings in this pic are there now. The driveway has changed. There is a big white house with attached garage and pool behind to the right where the big house was on the right.

Dan And Sue Buckley live in that new house you speak of.

My grandfather Dan Buckley Sr. Uncle Bennie and Aunt Elizabet in the bigger house. Dan Jr. and Kay and Christine and Dannie the 3rd lived in a smaller house. I am not sure if Frank was born at this time. The moved this house up from the lower farm some years later. Christine died at a young when they lived in the original house. Her mother Kay took me into see her as she layed out on the bed. Aunt Lizzie went away to work in Boston during the war time. We kids all called our grandfather DAD Buckley. Aunts Tess and Trudy both lived away and the would sometimes send him a box of chocolates, which he would take down from the shelf and give us each a chocolate. He read every paper he could find and was well versed on world affairs. Bennie was a Saint and so generous and good to everyone. - БЫСТРЫЕ 100 000 РУБ. НА ЧУЖИХ ВИДЕО В ЮТЮБЕ

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I remember visiting my great grandfather Dan in the big house with my Grammie Tweedie. He gave us Canadian mints for a treat. Also remember visiting Dan & Kay at the small house. I also remember that Trudy had a Valentine party that I went to. I was very shy and didn't know anyone except Trudy.

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