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This was my grandfather's farm until 1954 when my aunt and uncle took over. My family owned the restaurant and dairy located just to the north of the farm house. North of that was another unlce's home and north of that was my home. The dairy was sold several years after this photo and later the restaurant was sold and turned into several other businesses.
The Farm was called "Long Acres Farm" the dairy and Dairy Bar was called "Hidden Acres Dairy and Dairy Bar".

My great grandfathers farm. Hidden acres❤️

the restaurant and building were sold in 1969 to Kenneth Twitchell who continued the restaurant business for 2 years and then he sold to a couple from New York... I worked there for many years as a waitress from mid 60's until shortly after I was married in 1971.

We bought the farm in 1969 From Wacome who had bought it from the Folsams. We sold to Fred Pratt in 1975

My great grandfathers farm... many fond memories <3

Many memories for me,I was there thru the Pillsburys,and the Porier's, the Fisk family, Ervin Wacome,and the Bogue Family.I really loved being on that farm!

Our neighbors when we were growing up. If you look real close you can see the beaten path in the field between the homes!

Owned by Craig Jordan now.

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