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  • MY Grammer school lived there
  • This property in located along the west side of Temple Rd in the village of East Wilton. note the old East Wilton school in the upper right.
  • The Brann family lived here in the '50s. The East Wilton Grammar School were I went to school is in the Background on the right.
  • In the late 1800 this was owned by Lorin Adams and called the Elmsdale Farm. The first school house built in Wilton was located in the front pasture.
  • The Wayside Restaurant on the Wilton Rd., opposite the entrance of the Red School Rd.
  • John was my school bus driver and I went to school with his daughter. Note the planted pines in back of the house. Very common during this time that former agricultural fields were turning into plantation pines.
  • In middle school I spent many hours at this farm playing with my classmate Chuck Luger. My mother also packed apples in the 60s here.
  • This farm in 1963 belong to Cedric Ranger. It is located along the Wilton and Farmington town lines on the Red School House Rd.
  • Fairbanks school. On west side of Rt. 4 north of Farmington south 0f intersection with rt. 27
  • Rt 4 in avon. Masonry school now. My brother Dennis rented the house shortly before it was torn down in the late 90s.
  • This set of buildings are located on the north side of Lake School Road in North Jay, Maine. It a abandon set of building in 2020.

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