Photo 133-AKE-1


This was another farm owned by Rossignol Dairy located on the Cottle Road in Oakland. All barns are now gone.

This is actually on Trafton Road and was one of the houses my father, Preston Estabrook, owned and let our hired men live there. It was the first one west of Arthur Mann’s and Ken Chamberlain and his family lived here. It was torn down in the 1980s. The barns were torn down in the early 70s.

Hello Dan,Thanks for the correction on this one. I knew Arthur Mann when i was Dairy Farming in Sidney. I heard he once had his own farm on the Eight Rod Road. I think the house might still be there,but the barns were gone before i knew the area. It is sad there are so many farmsteads on the vintage site that there seems to be no one left around that was associated with them to identify them.

I’ve had so much fun looking at these old pictures. I forget how much property on Trafton Road our family had.

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