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Second home on the left on the Blodgett Road in Pittston, Maine.

I used to live there in 1964, I am Peter Wlodylo, The man came to our house trying to sell us these photos one of those photos you see here, there was more than one, do you have the others? Interesting things about this farm that I can tell you about, here goes what I know. There was a total of 83 acres,both sides of the road down to the Eastern River from the back of the house. This was an original homestead untouched, my father bought this place from an old Russian man for $4,000.00 complete with everything, brass beds, old shotgun, 2 old barns full of equipment, horse buggy, horse harness, several horse drawn farming equipment, all original. It is one of those once in a lifetime buys that you will never see again. The old Russian man taught it was 40 acres, my father said (Wasyl Wladylo,resistance fighter Polish and French WW2 came to America escaped from Nazi concentration camp Natzweiler France)who owns the land on the other side of the barb wire fence? the old Russian said, I don't know. I read the deed, I went looking for the Eastern River,it got dark before I could get back to the house, it was 83 acres, hundreds of feet of river frontage. Pine trees 4 to 6 feet wide, trees as tall as 200 hundred feet or more. Unbelievable beauty as you can imagine, like going back in time 2 hundred years, like living in a paradise park, this is where I used to live. There on the front steps, you can see a white step in the photo, that was a grave marker, the name was Thompson, his wife's marker was under the front porch, there were 2 shallow dents on the front lawn, those people were buried on the front lawn. I hope this gives you some insight on this property it was a very special place that I will never forget. Thanks for reading.

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